Thursday, March 14, 2013

Spring Fortune Cookie Soap "Soap Box"

It seems to me the new thing is subscription boxes. What's a subscription box you ask? It's a box that's delivered to you on a monthly or quarterly with hand picked products for you to try in your home. I subscribe to a handfull of them, this being one of my favorites!

The Soap Box from Fortune Cookie Soaps (FCS) ships to you four times a year. You'll recieve 8-9 exclusive FCS mini-travel size products. You also receive a $10 discount code on a future order. The cost is $19.99 per box

Here's what was in my Spring Box 

"The Birds & The Bees" Bath Fizzy
Don't worry, we're not going to give you "The Talk". But we will give you a sweet, fruity robin's egg fizzy, with skin-loving honey powder, for extra healing and softening.

"Late Bloomer" Fortune Cookie Soap
Don't expect this exfoliating fcs to scrub away the memories of those awkward teenage moments, but you can expect softer, smoother skin! Scented with Polynesian hibiscus, ripe berries, white amber, and vanilla. Blooming early is overrated, anyway. 

"Down to Earth" Tea Light Candle
One small step for home fragrance, one giant leap for FCS! A soft, earthy blend of lavender and basil in our very first candle. 

"Dirty Hoe" OCD Hand Sanitizer
What happens in the garden, stays in the garden...especially when a dirty hoe is involved. Get as dirty as you want, don't worry, we've got your back! Smells like freshly dug earth and dewy grass after a spring rain.

"A Nod to the Hippies" Shimmer Stick
Alright, Patchouli Lovers, we hear you! Our new shimmer stick is perfect for adding a subtle shimmer to any area you'd like to highlight. Patchouli, amber and vanilla combine to leave skin lightly scented, and a little nostalgic. All you need is Peace & Love...& FCS!
"Kiss my Vine" Bath Salts
Kiss My Vine sounded better than Kiss my Ass. Sure, it has nothing to do with the fragrance or product - but we thought it was funny! Oh, and it smells like strawberries & champagne btw.

   "Honey-Dew Me" Whipped Cream
This fragrance will leave you screaming for more...melons, that is! We just can't get enough of this yummy blend of sweet honeydew, cantaloupe, watermelon, apple and vanilla bean.

"I Wet My Plants" Spray Lotion
Go ahead and read it again, we'll wait. The "L" makes all the difference, doesn't it? Give yourself a little spritz of our new spray lotion, scented with melon, jasmine and baby powder.

Also included was a packet of wildflower seeds!

I tried to link up the products, but I can't find them on their site yet, so maybe they are not quite available. Next month I'll do a review on each of the products and how I liked them! 


  1. What a cool idea! Is this the only subscription that you know of or are their more like it? I love this kind of stuff and so do my daughters. I would be interested in seeing how you liked the products. Also if there are more similar type subscription boxes out there. You blog is awesome. You have some great recipes for real life!

    1. Oh my goodness there are TONS of subscription boxes out there :) I haven't found one yet, quite like the "soap box" but there are ones for beauty, home, food! I'll be posting my "My Glam" box be sure and check that one out as well.

  2. I just started getting Nature Box delivered! you can come check it out on my blog I did a blog post on it a few days ago, and the link is also on the side of my blog! i am checking out the birch box now!


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