Monday, April 1, 2013

Home Managment Binder

What do you do if you have a new baby sitter coming to watch your kids?

Normally you would sit down and write a list of information for her. Like Emergency Info, your childs name, any allergies he/she may have, their likes and dislikes, etc.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a place where you keep one already written out with the important stuff?

Wouldn't it be nice to have one place where you keep all your important paperwork and organizational info in one place!

Let me introduce to you, my Home Management Binder! I have seen them EVERYWHERE on the web through many blogs, and I was overwhelmed with all the information out there. There's so much information you can put in these things, it's crazy!!! And Printables? Oh don't get me started on the number of printables and free and ones you pay for. Then I came across Kayse's website! She has wrote an amazing E-Book, that walks you through making your own, and even better, TONS of printables!!! I was one happy girl :)

Let me share with you how I have mine set up! Every page I have printed off for in my Binder is from Kasey's E-Book "Getting it Together"

Be sure to check it all out, and at the end of this post, there MAY just be a giveaway ;)

I just bought a binder from WalMart to use. I know a lot of other people buy the kind you can insert your own cover and what not to make it all pretty. I didn't want to take the time for that! I wanted to get it done :) So I just found one I liked!

When you open it up, to the left in the little pouch on the notebook, I have put in my Babysitter Information, and a Daily Schedule for each of my kids! To the right I have a pencil pouch with my pens, sticky notes, etc. Anything I may need!

This is one of my favorite sheets! It's the Daily Schedule/Today's Plan. As a busy stay at home mom, I forget things...shocker! So every night I sit down and fill one of these babies out, I can write out what we plan on having for dinner the next night, things I MUST DO, chores I'd like to get done, phone calls or errands I need to take care. All right there! That way when I wake up in the morning, I can sit down and look at this, and know how my day is going to go.

My first tab is my Calendar Tab
This is where I keep track of Birthday's & Anniversarys, and my Blogging Calander (so I can plan out what days I want to post certain posts and ideas).

Meal Plans, one of my favorite sections!!
I have a print out where I can plan my meals (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinners) for the whole month, or by the Week! There is also a very nice and organized shopping list, and a print out for our favorite Restaurants and Take-Out places. Ok I live in a tiny town, with only a few restaurants (and NO ONE delivers), but it's always nice to have the phone numbers right there, with hours and addresses.

Important Numbers

Here I keep my Emergency Information, any emergency number I may need to call at anytime. I also keep an address book print out as well. I keep those addresses of people I send cards to.


Now I already have separate notebook that I keep all my finance stuff in, I'll be doing a post on that here soon!! But Kayse has some great print outs to Account Tracker, Family Budget, Spending Tracker & Financial Goals.

This is where I keep my cleaning schedule. I also keep my weekly, monthly, seasonal, and yearly cleaning! Once again, there will be a post on this in the near future!!

This is a section I need to spend sometime on!!! I have so many plans of changing things up in our old house, and I get overwhelmed thinking about it! There is a Master Project List that I will be filling up in no time! Also there is a printable for your Auto Maintence Log, Online Password Tracker, Pantry Inventory, Freezer Inventory, DVD & Book Inventory. 

This has my Daily Food Journal, Weekly Exercise Log, and Inspriational Tidbits!!

Here I have my Kids Information as well as Immunization Records!

So there you have it!!! My Home Management Binder! It may seem like a lot, but honestly, with Kasey's easy to read E-Book, and printables, it took no time at all to put this together!!

There are two ways you can purchase "Getting it Together!" And get this, it's only $3.99, total steal!!! You can purchase the

Now onto the Giveaway!!!

Kasey is being generous enough to share with us a copy of her E-Book, "Getting it Together!" One lucky reader will win :)

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  1. Oh cool! That would be good to keep things at home organized.

  2. Great post! I'm pinning this. I really need to get a home organizer together before summer starts. :-) Thanks!

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