Thursday, September 12, 2013

Keeping It Real

I wanted to take a minute to let everyone what's going on with me. Last week I started a weight loss challenge called Drop it Like It's Hot! I had such great intentions of doing great...well one thing after another started to happen!

I completed two days and did great...then I got sick! Now I know this is not an excuse to cheat or be bad when I'm trying to get my eating under control, but when I'm only two days into my lifestyle change, being good was the LAST thing on my mind! One thing I can say, I got LOTS of sleep last week, I really needed it :) I ended up sleeping almost 12 hours one was amazing! I'm finally feeling better, still not 100%, but better.

Well in my head, I kept saying, I can start over on Monday, I can start over on Monday! Isn't that what we all say? I'll start Monday. Well it didn't happen Monday (shocker!!!), Tuesday, nope, didn't happen again...Wednesday, oh that was a JOKE!!! That brings me to today! I did GREAT all day....until dinner. I was starving by dinner time, and I ate way too much. The binger in me came out, and I just gorged myself, and as of right now, I'm sitting here completely miserable, but I am drinking lots of what (I'm sure I'll be up all night peeing...OH JOY). 

I really want to sit down one of these days and write about my struggles with Binge Eating. That will be a tough post to write, as it makes me emotional when I think about the way I feel when I get that way.

So anyway, I'm rambling! But right now we have some personal stuff going on, stuff I'd rather not write about right now, maybe later, and I'm under a TON of stress. I'm refusing to let this break me and bring me down, and I WILL NOT use it as an excuse to just eat and eat, believe me I'd love to just do that haha I will be back tomorrow to check in and let you know how it goes, I just want to keep it all together!

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